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About us

The Living Ice projects consists of four core members within the guide industry and in academia. Here, you can read more about us.

Erik Schytt Mannerfelt - Sweden



Erik has grown up in the glaciological community, with a father and grandfather in the field. After numerous fieldwork seasons in Sweden, his affinity for Svalbard took over in 2016 when moving there for studies at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS).

His work surrounds glacial instability in a changing climate; simplistic models of glacier mass loss may not capture extreme sudden events due to excessive melt. The primary field site for his current work is Svalbard, but the studies dynamics also apply to Greenland and Antarctica, and are clear milestones to expand onto.

Erik is part of a multitude of scientific outreach projects in Sweden and Norway.

Hedda Andersen - Norway

Glaciology and climate science outreach.


Since moving to Svalbard in the Arctic in 2018, she’s had an unbreakable passion for the frozen parts of our world - both as a researcher and a guide. She studied Arctic Geology (BSc level) and Glaciology (MSc level) with the University of Oslo and University Centre in Svalbard, specializing in remote sensing and spatial analysis.

Alongside her studies, she has also worked as an expedition guide at sea in the Arctic and Antarctic, and as a snowmobile guide locally on Svalbard.

Today she specializes in climate science communication and works on a daily basis with science outreach, alongside working as a guide in polar regions.

Kristoffer Ronning - Canada

More information will come soon!

Ursula Enzenhofer - Austria


More information will come soon!